Welcome to our Video page. Here we will put up footage of our horses as we record it. Will be working on getting better clarity in future.

Please click onto the required horse.


MCM Aanje april 2010 Black Moriesian filly. 2.79 MB
MCM Beert April 2010 Black Friesian Warmblood gelding. 4.38 MB
Djeord of MCM April 2010. Black Friesian gelding. 1.61 MB
MCM Franke April 2010. Black Friesian X gelding. 2.65 MB
MCM Marquis April 2010 Black Moriesian gelding. 4.85 MB
MCM Rynke April 2010. Black Moriesian filly. 3.13 MB
MCM Valia April 2010. Bay Moriesian filly. 1.57 MB
MCM Xeros April 2010. Black Friesian X gelding. 1.82 MB
MCM Xeros Trot May 2010 Huge ground covering movement, he has the essence for a great sporthorse. 2.62 MB
MCM Yanos - Nov 2011 Black Friesian X gelding. 36.7 MB