Mountain Creek Moriesians

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Moriesian Horses
MCM Arya                  04/05/18  Mt Tawonga Tarraji X MCM Xarah  Black filly
Part Bred Morgans
also see Moriesians.
MCM Bluez Navada    18/11/19   Ashgrove Perfect Illusion X Mt Tawonga Louise      Brown Roan gelding
MCM Bluez n Jeanz    01/11/19  Ashgrove Perfect Illusion X Mt Tawonga Jean         Bay Roan filly


Part Bred Friesians

MCM Fielding         10/10/19 Ietsje from MCM X MCM Meisje                      Black colt

MCM Xenith              19/04/16  Ietsje from MCM X The Carrock Xylona.                   Black gelding


also see Moriesians.

Pure Bred Morgans 
MCM Moriarty             18/12/14  Mt Tawonga Tarraji X MCM Morgana Beau.             Bay gelding
MCM Galaxy                11/12/19  Red Bluff Mesmeric X MCM Celestial                      Palomino gelding