Mountain Creek Moriesians

We are very proud to offer for sale our MCM Horses as well as some others, that have gone through our extensive education programme.

Moriesian Horses
MCM Joelle             11/03/15  Ietsje from MCM X Mt Tawonga Jean. Bay filly.

Part Bred Morgans
also see Moriesians.

Part Bred Friesians

MCM Ysabella           22/10/17  Ietsje from MCM X Yldau. Black filly

also see Moriesians.

Pure Bred Morgans
MCM Miah               12/10/11  Red Bluff Mesmeric X Mt Tawonga Magic. Bay filly.
MCM Louisiana        24/11/12  Red Bluff Mesmeric X Mt Tawonga Louise. Bay filly.
MCM Alliyah            13/11/13  Baptiste Levis Strauss X Mountain Crk Crown Jewel.  Palomino filly
MCM Moriarty         18/12/14  Mt Tawonga Tarraji X Mountain Crk Morgana Beau. Bay gelding.  
MCM Kubla Khan    06/03/15  Red Bluff Mesmeric X Mt Tawonga Keep.  Chestnut gelding.

MCM Tobias            16/11/16  Mt Tawonga Tobey X Mt Tawonga Tanjil.  Bay colt    
MCM Atlas               07/06/17  Mt Tawonga Tarraji X Lifton Atlantis.  Brown colt
MCM Leonardo       16/08/17  Mt Tawonga Tarraji X MCM Crown Jewel.  Black colt
MCM Sapphire        08/10/17  Mt Tawonga King X MCM Keirah.  Bay filly
Mt Tawonga Lexus         03/04/11  Mt Tawonga Tobey X Mt Tawonga Linden.  Bay gelding
Mt Tawonga Sunburst   04/11/07  Mt Tawonga Cavalier X Mt Tawonga Tabltha.  Bay Gelding
Mt Tawonga Jean       06/10/02  Mt Tawonga Tarraji X Lizotte Lil Bridget. Bay mare.