MCM Ramolt

30/09/08 MCM Ramolt. Black Moriesian colt. Expected to mature to around 15.2hh +, will assess as he grows some more.

Born in the early hours on Sept 30, he's a healthy, strong colt, will be a great ambassador for the Moriesian horse. He is to be gelded and microchipped in due coarse. Ramolt is 50% Friesian and 50% Morgan. He is the first of Eitsjes foals to be born for us here at MCM.

Ramolt will be dual registered with AFWHS #520, also MHAA #409 (pending /gelding)

He is just starting his education now at the end of  May, will have him ready for the vet to visit for his gelding op, prior to Winter setting in.

Click here to view some video footage of Ramolt @ 4 weeks of age

Latest Statistics:

Measurements taken: September 2009

Current Age: 12 months

Current Height: 14hh

Weight: 330 kg's

Bone: 8"

Expected mature height: - 16hh, as indicated by cannon length.

Sold to Monique in Glossodia. NSW.