MCM Kerrigan

23/11/10 Red Bluff Mesmeric X Mt Tawonga Keep. Chestnut Morgan colt a full brother to Mountain Crk Kendric.

Kerrigan will go thru our education programme prior to leaving MCM. He will mature in excess of 15hh.

Now a 2yo, Kerrigan is gelded and shaping up to be a lovely horse. He has been well socialised with various horses, and his education is coming along very well, with only a few things left to do.

An opportunity came up to send Kerrigan off to a Parelli instructors colt start in Wilton - May 2013. This was a 3 week coarse where the horses were introducted to their new roles in life, being saddle horses. Kerrigan was worked with by Josh from the UK. 

Upon Kerrigans arrival back at MCM, Ian Leighton couldn't wait to ride him, so he christened my new arena.  Kerrigan was a bit stuck with going forward, so Ian soon sorted that out, he had the accelerator and steering getting better with each minute.  It seems that Kerrigan only really had passenger lessons, but that is ok, he's still young, I'll be turning him out, and if he's still here bringing him back in, as a 3+ yo and sending him off to be finished.

I am offering Kerrigan for sale as is.

Latest Statistics:

Measurements taken:
Sept 2011  -  December 2011  - January 2012

Current Age: 10 months  -  13 Months  -  26 Months

Current Height: 13hh  13.2hh   14.3hh

Weight: 300 kg's  -  350 kgs

Bone: 7"  same

Expected mature height: - 15.1hh, as indicated by cannon length  -  same  -  same.

Sold to Julia in Victoria

2013 - January & March