MCM Erica

04/11/07. Red Bluff Mesmeric X Wyben Hidden Secret. Palomino part bred Morgan filly. A gentle sweet filly who just loves a cuddle and a scratch. She is registered with MHAA in the Part Bred Register #400.

Erica is growing like a mushroom, she looks like she should mature to around 15.2hh. She currently stands at 14hh @ 12 months of age. She is currently undergoing our basic education program. She has been introduced to float loading, tying up, stock whip & tarps, rugging, hosing down, feet handling, and independance training.

Latest Statistics:

Measurements taken:
  June 2010

Current Age: 30 months

Current Height: 15hh

Weight:  575kg

Bone: 8"

Expected mature height: aprox 15.2hh.

Sold to Julie in Kojonup. WA.


MCM Erica

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