MCM Cedric

11/11/07. Chestnut pure bred Morgan gelding. I see so many of his sires traits in this fellow, am looking forward to watching him mature. I expect him to mature to around 15.2hh.

He has had one session in the yards for 1 hour, and I was very impressed with his attitude and acceptance. Currently undergoing his second session in preperation for the vet to visit. We are now up to his final education block prior to his departure to Tasmania in February 2009.

Cedric has completed his training with flying colours, he's a real cool dude, has taken everything in his stride. He has a lovely stride, long and flowing, will make a lovely riding horse, I imagine him to be a real smooth ride, like his sire.

Latest Statistics:

Measurements taken:
February 2009

Current Age: 15 months

Current Height: 14.2hh

Weight: 350 kg's

Bone: 7 1/2"

Expected mature height: 15.2hh.

Sold to Alison in Tasmania.


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