Colonel Wicked

Colonel Star Mac X Money’s Call born September 2000, in North Queensland. A Cremello Quarter Horse with a working/cutting background, he is unregistered with AQHA, but is registered with UPWBDA in the White Horse Registry #WS0090. 

Because of his colour Wicked can guarantee a dilute (either palomino, or buckskin) from any non-grey mare. 

Wicked’s first foal crop was in 2005, we are very happy with them, 2 fillies and one colt. 

We now have the 2006 foals safely on the ground.   6 mares foaled between October and December. 3 are buckskins from the Friesian Warmblood mares, and the other 3 are Palomino's from our Morgan mares.  Wicked is passing along his athletic ability, as well as his good nature. 

His colour makeup is AaeeCrCr.

Sold to Gary in NSW


Cuttabars Colonel (IMP)

Colonel Freckles

Jewels Leo Bars

Christy Jay


Doc Bar

Teresa Tivio

Could Be Lucky

Cutter's Could (imp)

Lucky Bottom 87 (imp)

Money's Call

Gold Money Bars (imp)

Commanders Bars

Anns Peppie

Swinging Flag

Mr Flagg Call (imp)

Swinging Grass